Expert Digital Strategy and Support

How we ​work with partners:

Support Retainers - Provide your team with extra digital support when building emails and pages, running reports, and managing data. Additional services include configuring advanced technologies like marketing automations and conditional content.

Projects - Ensure your next project benefits from an experienced and knowledgeable partner when you are migrating platforms, configuring new modules, launching campaigns, creating automated journeys, or implementing new user experiences.

Knowledge that empowers

Get the most from Engaging Networks, EveryAction or Luminate Online. Leverage our CRM expertise, and over a decade of nonprofit digital experience, to ensure your account is configured with your platform's latest technologies like marketing automations, one-click donations, e-commerce, next suggested gift and more.

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Strategy that delivers

Whether you're looking for strategic consulting on fundraising, advocacy, or digital engagement - or assistance on projects like choosing and implementing a database integration - we can help. Organizations have turned to us for support managing their Google Grants, other digital ads, supporter acquisition, peer-to-peer fundraising and more - in addition to general CRM configuration.

Content that connects

Don't be limited by the bandwidth of your communications team. Partner with an agency that can help you send the volume and types of messages that get results. We combine best practices and experience with our partners' organizational voice to create impactful, effective content for a competitive digital landscape. Now you have the support you need to do real message testing, build a comprehensive year-end email campaign, or generate engaging automated email series. 

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Migrations made easy

When you make the move to a new CRM, hire a team with experience migrating and onboarding organizations across a range of platforms. Feel confident knowing we understand all of the components of a successful migration, including payment gateways, recurring gifts, template design, historic transactions, database integrations, domain authentication, and more.

Data that drives performance

Supporters generate a wealth of digital body language with every open, click, and conversion. Organize, report, and leverage that data with an experienced partner. Review the health of your supporter file - identify problematic email addresses, divide active supporters into tiers, and build series to move individuals up the ladder of engagement. Create useful reporting to track progress toward your goals from quarter-to-quarter. Combine data with your platform's advanced tools to create conditional content, next suggested gift, and supporter segments. Work with an experienced partner to manage integration projects and avoid common pitfalls. 

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Training that sustains

It's crucial your team understands how your CRM works and how to get the most from the latest updates. We have provided custom training to dozens of organizations on all aspects of nonprofit engagement tools. Trainings are customized to your organization's use of the platform - including your templates, opt-ins, data configuration, and more. Training also includes exercises to ensure your team gets hands-on opportunities to apply what they've learned.

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